VooDoo Studio & Robot Release Notes [ Version 2.1.4 ]

Started by VooDoo RPA Support, Jun 03, 2022, 12:53 PM

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VooDoo RPA Support

Bug Fixes and Updates

Released Date : May 25, 2022


  • Studio - About Screen: Expression script and code script hash and file download updated via link and https.
  • Studio - Expression Step: Control panel has been arranged to have 3 columns.
  • Studio - Robot: VoodooCommonDAC.dll, VoodooDACRunner.dll files are also checked for expression steps during system templates checks at application launch.
  • PDF Step: If there is a target file to be compressed, it continues by deleting it.
  • PDF Step: If an error occurs during compression, it copies the original file.


  • Studio - About Screen: Key sizes have been updated in the Turkish / English interface.


  • Expression Step: The special version of System.buffers.dll needed for Mailkit - Mimekit references has been added to the expression step references.
  • Setup: The relevant version of System.buffers.dll needed in the expression step has been added to the setup\templatelibrary\common folder.

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