How To Activate Plan Scheduler In Community Addition

Started by rpadeveloper, Apr 10, 2022, 09:22 AM

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I am using Voodoo RPA community addition with studio and robot on my development pc. I also installed production environment and export-import my sceneraios to run my RPA processes (namely plans) repeatedly. But, how can I schedule rpa bussiness plans. When I click schedule parts on studio I am getting this functionality is disabled warning.


VooDoo RPA Support

Hello rpadeveloper,

First of all, Welcome to VooDoo RPA Communitiy,

If we have a look at your issue,
the issue is about, VooDoo RPA Edition which you are using is not supported for this feature. VooDoo RPA Community Edition should be upgraded to "Standard Version" or "Enterprise Version". Furthermore, upgraded versions come with an advanced scheduler which is named VooDoo RPA Cron.

Best Regards.