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Data Source Problem

Started by DevisInc, Mar 28, 2022, 01:57 PM

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Hi all. I have met with voodoo newly. this program is totally built for me  ;D I have a process and wanted to use voodoo Rpa but i have a problem while identifying data source. I made a simple scenerio for trying the compability but data source does not retrieve my data which i imported from excel file. When i create and import data to data source from excel it wont identify or retrieve data during scenerio. What can i do for getting correct data from data source in scenerio. Thanks.

VooDoo RPA Support

Hello DevisInc,

Firstly I want to say that welcome to the VooDoo RPA Community. :) I hope you will find all answers about your process.

When I read your post, I realize that mainly reason is about recording your excel file to the data source.

Please try to start with a blank before importing data to Data Source. Firstly, if you create or import your data to Data Source Section, click on the Data Content tab. Give a blank to your content. After trying to run your scenario. However, do not forget to add your Data Source to References which is in Scenario Screen. If you will do all parts which I told above for the issue, Your process will not stop at this step.

We are waiting for your response about issue.

Have a nice day.


Hi bud, i tried it yesterday. I ve already added my data source to references before compile. My problem was leaving a blank in data source. When i did your advice, my scenario continued. Thanks a lot  :)